Shipping, Logistics & Warehousing

IWS Logistics (Private) Limited

IWS Logistics is an industry leader in a host of multifaceted logistics solutions such as transportation, container handling, repair, washing and warehousing. The company’s services are supported by the best quality control management …

APL Lanka (Private) Limited

APL Sri Lanka is a member of CMA-CGM, the world’s third largest container transportation and shipping group. APL Sri Lanka offers comprehensive global container shipping services to over 50 destinations throughout the globe …

APL Logistics (Private) Limited

COMING SOON is a renowned logistics and warehousing service provider, specialising in state-of-the-art technology for storage, dispatch, delivery and tracking functions. Quality, reliability and speed are the core principles of the company.

Interfreight Haulage Limited

Interfreight is a renowned logistics and warehousing service provider specializing in storage, handling, delivery and tracking functions. With quality, reliability and speed being the core principles of the company, Interfreight offers scalable and …

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