• Arthur Senanayake
    Arthur Senanayake Chairman
  • Annika Senanayake
    Annika Senanayake Director – Corporate Planning
  • Dimitri Sheriff
    Dimitri Sheriff Director - Corporate Affairs
  • Alexandria Senanayake
    Alexandria Senanayake Director – Corporate Communications
  • Diane Dias
    Diane Dias Director – Administration
  • Lal Senanayake
    Lal Senanayake Managing Director – Logistics
  • Brig. K.A. Gnanaweera
    Brig. K.A. Gnanaweera Director – Technical Communications
  • Walter Weeraratne
    Walter Weeraratne Head of Food Processing & Packaging
  • Kamal Cooray
    Kamal Cooray Group Finance Manager
  • Michelle Meurling
    Michelle Meurling Personal Assistant to Group Chairman
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