Dynatel Communications (Private) Limited

Dynatel Communications is a leading High Frequency (HF), radio, and satellite communications provider as well as undertakes importation, installation and has training facilities since 1994.

The company delivers innovative solutions in the fields of test & measurement, radio monitoring, radiolocation, and mission-critical communication solutions that guarantee a full range of advanced communications services, and has played a significant role in mobilizing critical communication activities for a range of high profile organizations including the military, United Nations, NGOs, aid & relief agencies, mining contractors, corporations for forest conservation, disaster management, telecommunication authorities, construction companies, environmental conservation, wildlife authorities and many other B2B clients that require seamless high-frequency communication services.

Contact Details

  • Dynatel Communications (Private) Limited
    451, Kandy Road, Kelaniya,
    Sri Lanka.
  • IWS Corporate Office:
    +94 11 5394 211
  • +94 11 5394 272
    +94 11 5394 200
  • +94 11 2910 469
  • dynatel@dynanet.lk

Contact Person

  • Sales Manager
  • +94 11 5394 271
  • +94 76 6815 534
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